Hard work is rewarded with more work : time for a time out in Big Bear

The search is still on to add an associate to my team! I'm taking applications for the next two weeks and then I'll start meeting up with people. So, check out my post here and e-mail me if you are interested! I am a worker bee, always have been. I constantly feel the need to be growing, moving, creating, learning... I don't like having an idle brain. It's said that hard work is rewarded with more work and that has never been more true for me. My business is flourishing and it seems the harder I work the less I am physically able to decompress. I'll be honest and say that I don't sleep well. To-do lists and ideas for the future constantly run through my head until I either get up and take care of something or pop a Tylonol PM (don't judge) . I rarely watch TV without photoshop open on my laptop and drive Tim mad responding to client e-mails from our Sunday morning coffee spot. The concept of "coming home from work" doesn't exist for me. That moment when you walk through the door, throw your purse down, kick your shoes off, and ahhhhhhh you're home? Nope, rarely. Or the feeling of Friday? Oh to feel that again! The end of a productive week and now I can relax and bbq and hang out with friends and stay up late.... Nope, rarely. Fridays only mean the end of 5 valuable work days (that, dang it, I should have used more efficiently!) and the beginning of two shooting or meeting days. It never ends, it's a vicious cycle of work and more work. Obviously, we business owners and photographers love our jobs to death. I couldn't be luckier and more thankful for the abundance of people who allow me to do what I love and make money doing it- but man, some days don't we all need to call our boss and say, "I'm taking a personal day for no reason at all."

I kept my goal list for 2011 short- 5 items only. See number 5?

I'm still working on the schedule part but taking back my life is in full swing. I am not a slave to this business - there are no shackles on me. I am my boss so I make the rules and if I need an afternoon to peruse Anthropologie sale racks every once and awhile- I'm taking it! (by the way.... BHLDN???) Two weeks ago I spent 4 days and 3 nights with 11 other female wedding and portrait photographers in a cozy cabin in Big Bear. When I lived in Los Angeles me and a few of these gals used to occasionally grab brunch and chat photography and other stuff over mimosas and waffles.  Last summer Amanda and Mary were dying to get out to The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and sent out an e-mail to a bunch of us seeing if anyone wanted to join. I was in full wedding planning stress mode and couldn't take a week away from work (surprise surprise) but most of the other girls were able to make it and the rest is history! This trip, 11 out of the original 13 shacked up in a cabin, took pictures, danced, played pool, ate a lot, drank a lot , and most importantly laughed a lot. Our relationships with each other have gone way past photography now and I feel so blessed to have them all in my life.

We are Amanda, Ala, Adrienne, Diandra, Gladys, Heidi, Heather, Meg, Megan, & Mary ( Ashley and  Jackie too! A just had a baby and J is expecting soon so they sat this one out. )