Happy Birthday to me! : Happy Valentines Day!

I had a birthday yesterday, the big 2-7! I'm not really one for going all crazy about my birthday... I mean, like anyone I enjoy a cupcake (or two) and love an excuse to take "meg time" but I'm just not good with attention. I love and appreciate everyone who gives it to me, it's just hard for me to accept it for some reason. I like to celebrate the big years- you better believe I'll be somewhere cool for the big 3-0 but 2-7?  I never could understand those people that claim they celebrate their birthday week... or seriously, their birthday month? My dear friend Jeff and I used to throw joint birthday parties and that was perfect- we were both able to dilute our "birthday attention" by sharing a party but now that he is in LA and I am in SJ I was on my own! So, I woke up late, went for a 3 mile run, drank coffee and ate oatmeal, lounged around, played tennis with my love, lounged around some more with the tv, hung out at my parents, and had a birthday dinner with family- it was a perfect day!

Just for fun, here are 27 things I am loving right now for your Valentines enjoyment!

27. BHLDN - Anthropologie does weddings! | 26. Bittersweet NY | 25. Bi-Rite Creamery | 24. Steel-cut Oatmeal | 23. Live the Dream | 22. Emerson Made | 21. Labokoff | 20. With Style & Grace | 19. Pininterst | 18. Ban.do | 17. On to Baby | 16. Fashion Photography Blog | 15. Le Love | 14. Colour Lovers | 13. Not Too Shabby | 12. Alexa Meade | 11. Jessica's Daily Affirmations | 10. Sean Flinn and the Royal We | 9. Paper cuts | 8. My instax | 7. The Dainty Vegetarian | 6. Nie Nie | 5. Postsecret | 4. Daily Drop Cap | 3. Decade Diary | 2. Rockstar Diaries | 1. Tumbling

That'll keep you busy at work today! :)

On another note- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL YOU LOVERS OUT THERE! Whether you are celebrating your single status or kissing your significant other I hope all of you guys feel the love today. Style Me Pretty is featuring the following shoot today in honor of all things l-o-v-e. Check it out!