Bay Area Wedding Photographer : Engagement Session: Alex & Doug

Happy weekend!

I've been busy re-branding folks, working on a lot of changes and growth around here- I'm blogging about it so that my resident web designer husband Tim will see that I am serious about getting it up and running. ;) Maybe next time I should pay him so I can make demands? I'll just try to bat my eyelashes a little more often and see if that helps... something tells me it won't. Peanut butter cookies maybe? In any case, look out for some ch-ch-ch-changes!

It is raining cats and dogs here and it makes me feel like wrapping myself in a snuggie, making peanut butter cookies, and watching episode after episode of Entourage or some other delicious television show. I love winter!

It's officially engagement session season!

Alex loves Doug :)

We had so much fun running all over finding spots for them to tear it up and they were troopers when the day suddenly turned extremely freezing!