Anytime Portraits : Yasmin and Kurt + 1

I'm not sure I would have made it through last season without her around so it goes without saying that Yasmin, Kurt, and their growing little baby mean a lot to me and it was an honor to photograph them for their two year anniversary. Soon there will be two little babies crawling around the office!















































Lisa Thiele of With Style and Grace

This seems like ages ago... Lisa and I were pregnant at the same time and spent so many hours together talking each other off ledges and sharing happy thoughts with each other about our growing little babies. Lisa gave birth to Mason just about a week after Eloise was born and even though they moved up to Portland these kiddos will always share a bond knowing their mommies went through their pregnancies together. We just skyped today and even though Eloise was a little fussy and Mason was a complete doll it was good for these two to finally meet! :) Thought it would be a good day to share some portraits I took of Lisa awhile back!

Check out her awesome blog of gluten free recipes and lots of fun baby stuff too!

Bay Area Wedding Photographer : Alex and Doug : Portrait session

Happy Friday, all! What are you doing this weekend? I am heading out this afternoon with my Mom to visit my aunt and sister in Sacramento and I'm so looking forward to some girl relaxation time! The women in my family really know how to relax and it'll be nice to just hang out in the warm weather and talk gardening and Madmen and what not. Whatever you do, I hope you get out and enjoy the weather, it's finally beginning to feel like a proper spring.

Alex and Doug have been behind my camera more than once and they are always a pleasure to photograph! They came out and modeled for a mini workshop I did with  my interns last year and, as always, they killed it!

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo