Associate Photographer Opening

The time has come.... I am looking for an associate photographer to add to our Northern California team! Do you love to shoot weddings but hate to handle contracts, taxes, payments, print orders, etc.? This situation is perfect for someone who works a day job but wants to make extra money on the side shooting but not deal with the stress of running a business. You *must* have experience shooting weddings solo- please don't e-mail me if you don't. You'll be shooting weddings on your own so this isn't a learning experience opportunity.

Requirements: Must be comfortable running a wedding day on your own and have lots of experience doing so. Must present a portfolio of wedding images (your favorite highlights as well as a complete wedding would be preferred.) Must own your own reliable equipment (pro body with backup, prime lenses, flashes, CF cards (at least 20 GB) etc.) Must have a  reliable car for transportation to and from weddings and engagement sessions.

So I can learn a little bit about you, please copy and paste the questions below and send the answers to me in an e-mail for consideration :)

Full Name: Phone: Approximately how many weddings have you shot on your own?: What equipment do you own?: Where can I see your work?: Why would this situation be good for you?: Approximately how many weddings would you want to shoot a year?: Why do you love shooting weddings? Tell me one fun fact about yourself:

Anyone want to join my team? :) I'm nice, I promise!

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