Kim and Dan : A wedding at Edgewood, Tahoe

I always hate talking about the weather because it seems so impersonal. That subject you broach when you've either run out of ideas or have absolutely nothing to say at all.

"It's been warm, huh?" "How about that rain last week?" "Burrr (followed by awkward silence)............."

The fact of the matter is, though, weather played a huge factor in Dan and Kim's wedding day and I couldn't write this post without mentioning it. During your planning process people tell you to be prepared for anything and everything. Brace yourself for things to go wrong so you can take it all in stride. DON'T FREAK OUT. The day before Kim and Dan were supposed to get married on the outdoor terrace at the beautiful Edgewood Golf Course in Tahoe the weather was crisp and clear. There was a chill in the air but that's only to be expected for Tahoe in May but the sun was shining and there wasn't a storm to be seen. We all crossed our fingers for the best up until we arrived- and saw the ceremony had been set for inside.  The windchill was rough and we were now expecting snow. My lovely assistant, Jennifer Hostler, and I had our fingers crossed: SNOW! How FUN!

Right smack in the middle of bridal portraits, just miles outside of the California border in May, it snowed! And Kim and Dan took it all in stride- with smiles and an acceptance that said, "It's all good- we're in love!" I had such a blast hanging out in Tahoe with their families and friends and can't wait to get back there and shoot again! Thank you Kim and Dan for your absolute kindness and for welcoming Jennifer and I into your wedding day!


Shout out to Alison - Dans sister and Maid of Honor .... I went to high school with her and didn't know it until I arrived to the bridal suite!! No referral connection or anything- you crazy world you.