Melissa and Matt : A wedding at the Bellagio : Las Vegas, NV

I hopped on a plane from San Jose, Heather hopped on a plane from Burbank, and Regis hopped on a plane from Orange County and we all met in Vegas to document Melissa and Matt's day- and let me tell you, a wedding in Las Vegas never looked so good! Melissa and Matt tied the knot at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel back in the middle of May - they put together a stellar event with some fabulous vendors and I'm so happy to share these images with you!  I had the lovely opportunity to meet and work with film-maker extraordinaire David Robin and his "team" :)- check out his teaser video at the end of this post- not to be missed! Heather, Regis, and I got about 3 hours of sleep and then had to hop back on a plane to LA to shoot a Sunday wedding but on our way out of the Bellagio, at 5:30AM, while we were rubbing sleep out of our eyes, we passed one of Melissa and Matt's wedding guests, "Have a good night!!" he called. Oh Vegas.

Decor by King Dahl Event Panner-Tori Cooper Catering Manager-Victoria Chivers

Thank you to Melissa and Matt for inviting me into your lives- this is one wedding I will never forget- you guys are THE BEST!

Check out the size of this bridal party.... to date, the largest one I've ever photographed!

This shot was caught by Regis, he snuck away during the ceremony to grab it and then got stuck up there, had to book it ALL the way back through the casino to catch the kiss. That's dedication!

When Melissa and Matt came to our initial meeting they were surprised by the location of my apartment in Los Angeles- directly next door to their friends Ben (below) and Hutchie! I knew the universe was telling us something.....

melissa | matt from David Robin on Vimeo