Hi, I am Carson and I am cute! + Christmas Cards?

QUICK NOTE! My schedule is rapidly filling up with holiday sessions .... if you or anyone you know is looking for a Christmas card sitting have them email me asap to get a session booked! I shoot Christmas card sessions up until December 15th and will be in the bay area a lot in the coming weeks and will not being charging any travel fees.... Good god, the holidays are upon us! A few weeks ago I drove down to Newport Coast to photograph my good friend Wendi's son, Carson. We were in art school together and it seems like yesterday she told me with glee that she was pregnant! Tim and I drove down to Newport less than a year ago to have breakfast with their family and I was absolutely shocked when I saw how much he had grown. It reminded me why I don't want to live away from my parents when I have babies- how would my mom feel if every time she saw her grandkids they'd be massive! Anyways, Carson has grown into the most wonderfully expressive little man who just love love loves his mama. Him and I had a rough start but once he was positive that his mom wasn't , in fact, planning on leaving him with me we became quick friends! Thanks for breakfast, Wendi and for letting me spend the day with little Carson- can't wait to get to know him over the ages.



Don't kill me Wendi ;) He ate dirt, we laughed, he thought he was sooo funny- and ate some more.





The perfect example of why locations don't always have to be extravagent. This was outside the public restroom and it's one of my favorites!