It's no secret who I am voting for, I have been a passionate Barack Obama supporter since this election started getting hot and heavy. I am voting for a better America, for an America that can stand proud in front of other nations and support our leaders choices regarding our future. I am voting for someone who inspires hope inside of millions and sees the United States as the promise land it once was, who looks at our country the way our founding fathers did and who yearns to bring it back to it's glory of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am voting for the man who will admit our faults and try to right them, who will lead our country into a new generation of promise. There is so much more to this election than politics- our country is in a place it's only been a few times and we need someone with a fresh, younger, outlook. I need it- I need to love our country once again and Obama can show me how. And Sarah Palin as President is just about the most frightening thing my young political mind has ever imagined. So, I urge you to look past your traditional political views and into the next four years. Change, we can.

Also, Prop 8 is such a fundamental Human Rights issue that I can't even believe it's on the ballot. It's driven by hatred and there is so much flawed with that way of thinking in this day and age that I can't even put into words how it makes me feel to know that some people will vote Yes. It does not protect marriage it just promotes hatred. VOTE NO ON PROP 8!

Regardless of your political views- I urge you to get out and vote one way or another! No matter what they say, every vote counts! (even in California!)

 Here's Heather and I in the photo booth at Sarah and Brian's wedding last weekend!vote.jpg