What I am working on today.... portraits!

As I've said, my schedule got lucky and all my bay area weddings were booked back to back this August-September so I am currently sitting in my parents family room in San Jose at a wooden card table with a stack of papers to my right, a hard drive and a cup of coffee to my left, a mouse and a circa 1998 Hanson mouse-pad that I dug out of my parents old computer table (MOE anyone?), and my laptop. This is my desk until September 7th and I'm kind of loving it. I miss Timmy (who is visiting soon thank goodness!) and Stella and Stanley and Morgan and Gabe and Heather but I am so happy to be hanging out with my mom, dad, and sister on a daily basis! It's no secret that about a year ago I started feeling the "move home" itch. I miss it up here- the rolling hills, trips to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, neighborhoods fit for running and riding bikes, best friends since I was one years old- all of it. I still have a few weekday session openings and so if you're interested let me know and we'll set something up! Here is what I am working on today! Much more of these types of shoots to come in 2010!