Silvana and Joe Gentzkow - The Fairmont - San Jose, CA

Ahhhh, the bay area. Some days, my "procrastination" tool is to search through Craigslist and for potential properties Timmy and I could someday move into. Lately, every trip I take up north results in severe home sickness and attachment syndrome that hits me as soon as my ride (usually Mom) drops me off at the airport. Don't get me wrong, I love Los Angeles. I have fun here, I work here, there are many people that I love here- but Los Angeles is not the Bay Area. So, as usual, when a Bay Area bride and groom come my way I am always always up for the trip. Assisting Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography is forever a pleasure but giving her a warm bed, okay bunk bed, to sleep in too??? Awesome. It was great to have Laura in my San Jose home and to have my parents finally meet this elusive woman who asks me to travel all over the country (well, mostly state). Coordinated by Julie Nunn Martin of I Do Events and designed by Ricardo Luna of Luna Gardens this event was nothing shy of fabulous.

What was really fun about this particular wedding, other than it being all around my stomping grounds, was that the Silvana and Joe went to two very familiar high schools! St. Francis and Bellarmine- which, as those of you who know these schools will understand, is a very unlikely match. ;) (Those of you who don't, I will say the Bellarmine vs. St. Francis football game was the biggest game of the year.) They met in summer school on the Bellarmine campus and the rest is history. Bellarmine guys do not disappoint and were in true form. I ran into my old friend Taylor Crary and the parents of another, The Lebarons. Anyway, it felt good to be around people who truly represent home and Silvana and Joe and their families could not have been lovelier!











After the ceremony in Los Gatos I had to skip out on formal portraits to high tail it back to downtown San Jose to get details shots of the amazing ballroom transformation before the bag piper arrived to officially kick off the reception festivities.




She was pissed. He thought it was funny. It ended in all smiles :)


Sweet Caroline....


The after party was on the roof of The Fairmont- cigars, sliders, swimming.