A Wedding - Lori and Lee Johnson - Old St. Hilary's Church - Tiburon, CA

When I get inquiries to do weddings up in Northern California I can't help but squeal. Not only do I get to be a part of an amazing day in someone's life but I get to see my family while I'm doing it! Sometimes it is quite hard to come back to Los Angeles after spending time up there. Thanks to Audrey Erpelding for connecting me to Lori- what a totally amazing girl she is! Lori and Lee had a whirlwind engagement, she said to me when I asked her why she wanted the day to come so quickly she said, "When you know you know...." She planned her wedding herself (with the help of family and friends!), and her beauty and style really shows in every detail-Lori's nautical theme was carried throughout everything during the day. I could not have asked for a better match! When she told me she had some polka dot rain boots that she wanted to wear in some portraits I couldn't control my excitement.

Lori is from the east coast and Lee is from Canada so they split their day up into a morning ceremony and a late afternoon reception in order to allow the guests time to go into San Francisco and explore a little. She prepared goody bags for them to give them some ideas as to where to go. Too cute.

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My brother Tristan was my assistant for this wedding, he continues to impress me in all that he does. His photo below...





The beauty of small weddings- this is everyone who attended! and the most magnificent church I've ever shot in. Old St. Hilary's!





Can I please say that this has been one of the hardest blog posts to narrow down in the history of this blog? I shot SO many photos! After we finished at the church we all went down to a park to eat lunch before more photos while the guests explored SF. I've NEVER done this before on someones wedding day and it was the greatest! Relaxed fun friendly time with you wedding party, eating pizza, on a blanket in the park? Amazing.

This picture is for those who were at the park. And that's all I'll say about that - ;)


We spent some time in downtown Tiburon and shot these.


the boots !!!



JCrew anyone?



The best jumping picture ever?


The reception, which I only shot a bit of, was at the Peninsula Club in Tiburon which was seated just below Old St. Hilarys!


For details of the reception and more photos head to Pictage and sign the guestbook!