She once was little and now she is big.

So most of you already know that I have a degree in fine art photography. Weddings wasn't exactly the route I always thought I would take- in fact, to be honest, most of my professors (and classmates) would probably be horrified. This post is for them. I am still an artist! Do not get me wrong, I absolutely whole-heartedly love what I do. It just isn't where I would have said I'd be if you had asked me 3 years ago. I consider my wedding work art but I consider this my art. This is an ongoing project I've been mentally working on for the last couple of years. When my sister is in my dreams, whatever she is doing, she's usually around 5 years old. She's got bouncy curls and two adorable massive front teeth. I'm usually following her around, panic stricken that something might happen to her. Nothing usually does but the haze I'm in prevents me from seeing much. It's my sister in these photos and for me, it's about her, but it doesn't have to be- there is more to it but I'd love to see them printed- large giclee or lighjet prints and hanging on a massive white wall. Maybe then I'll write more about what they mean to me.