Kauai - Hike Day!

I've been busy- busy to point where I am waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats wondering what it is that I forgot to do yesterday. Everything is grand, I am just busy and while I am usually not the sort of person to complain even an ounce about my busy-ness (seriously, usually I'm totally arrogant about it) ... I've been complaining. Busy complainin'! But I'm back and here's a blog post to show it. In truth, I really have been busy. Last weekend I spent up in Nor Cal shooting a wedding, at The Fairmont, with one of the most amazing reception hall transformations I've ever seen. I'll blog it in a bit. Then it was back to LA LA Los Angeles for the week, then back up to San Jose for a beautiful wedding just north of San Francisco. Then next Tuesday it's off to Guatemala.... For now....

....back to Kauai I go, excuse me, we go. Ready?


Ahhhh, that's better. So this day I said, "I'm hiking!" And my mom said something like, "I think it'll be good for you (even though I know you are dying inside)- ya know it'll get everything moving!" Hm... Well whatever she said, it helped. I got myself moving and went out to hike the Napali Coast with the fam. At one of the first main bends we walked through a vortex. Seriously!



At the end of the hike (well as far as we were going) there is this great little beach. We forgot sandwiches though and sooomme people were running low on blood sugar.

Mom and Auntie Nan


Tristan, Mom, Emma, Me


Timmy and Me


On the way home I made Tim stop so I could grab some shots of this church to show you guys. Anyone want to get married on a beautiful island in this beautiful church?


How about that Michael Phelps? More soon!