As most of my clients know by now I am a Pictage User- and most of my photographer friends who use Pictage know that there is a lot to learn about it! So the lovely and talented, not to mention my mind soul mate, Heather Kincaid and I decided to head out to this months Pictage User Group meeting held in Beverly Hills. As is our style, we grabbed some wine before with my two cousins, chatted (sarcastically no doubt), then carpooled it on over. Last night's speaker was accountant Mark Varshawsky of Mark S. Varshawsky & Associates. Although I definitely have my main man, Adam Yorkshire, this accountant really knew his stuff and really talked to us about things that were pertinent to our business. Very insightful- although the best part of the night was reading Heather's mind. ;)

Can you spot us?

(from Jules Biachi)


Heather and I will be PUG Spotlights later on in the year so we'll be working hard to impress. ;) Good for Juan Turcio, though, he was last nights and it was really a pleasure to see his work and hear him talk a little bit about his processes!