A weakness for musicians- Hanson photos and other thoughts

My dad recently reminded me of my first business venture- I was probably around 15 years old, I had discovered my two loves: music, specifically musicians, and photography. Those of you who "knew me when" will chuckle at this admission: I was a huge huge.. huge... Hanson fan. The love still lingers but thankfully has matured quite a bit, however not only was I a Hanson fan, but I made money off of them. Armed with my mom's camera and her zoom lens I attended countless Hanson concerts and took countless photos- a couple times from the meet and greet line- thats right folks. I GOT BACKSTAGE! ;) At some point it must have dawned on me that they were good photos compared to the ".gifs" we were all downloading and collecting in folders titled, "Taylor 1997." So I started a business! I had all my negatives organized in a box and scanned prints of my favorites. Uploaded the scans and created packages. 3 4x6s of Taylor, 3 of Zac, and 1 of Ike for $25- then I created an ebay account and a website, and waited for people to bite. ... and they did! 13-17 year old girls everywhere sent in orders and my trips to the Walgreens photo department became more frequent. I'm not sure how long I sold those things, it probably got to be too much work or I may have moved onto other bands, but I had my little envelope of cash and I was happy- more importantly I was making money off of something I loved doing.

So here I am now, dating my musician boyfriend of 5 and a half years paying my rent (almost) doing something I love. It may not be photographs of Hanson anymore and my boyfriend might be leaving the rockstar dreams behind, but the passion and excitement is still there in both photography and my musician.

My love in 1997: Taylor Hanson and Photography

(scanned from a print found in a shoebox, sorry 'bout the quality)


My love in 2008: Timothy (on the left- Andy Barr on the right) and Photography