Niki Papadopoulos - Interior Designer

Awhile back I had the pleasure of meeting up with Niki Papadopoulos to shoot some portraits of her for a design advice article in Better Homes and Gardens. Niki and I attended good ol' Presentation High School together and I was thrilled to get reconnected with this beautiful and extremely talented interior designer from Atlanta! We've both come a long way from our Presentation days and it's so nice to be able to share our talents with one another. Aside from the article in the magazine, Niki spends her days working at Mark Williams Design in Atlanta and just recently started a personal design blog called Yummy Scrumptious! She has an amazing spirit and was such a peach to photograph- despite the rain and Ontario convention center location we most definitely made it work. Thanks to my cousin, Morgan Cox, again and again for the assistance and company that day!