Lee Ann Fuller and WPPI Recap

Well! After 5 days of little to no sleep, great classes and inspiring speakers, friend making like crazy, and both eating and drinking a little too much I am happy to be home and working in our little blue office today. I had the opportunity to hear so many inspiring artists speak about my profession and am so thankful that on a daily basis I love my job! It's going to be a tough month trying to implement all the things I've taken from the convention but in the end it's experiences like this that make me not only a better photographer but a better business woman and person. I'm not sure there is really any other industry like ours- ;) Part of what I love about WPPI the most is the lasting friendships I make every year there. It isn't often that we get out of our little Los Angeles bubble and it is so refreshing to spend time getting to know people from all over who love the same things you do! I happened to be sitting next to Lee Ann Fuller in Jesh De Rox's super duper inspiring talk about TRUTH,  and she ended up joining us for dinner that night. I am so glad she did because we LOVE her!!! We were hanging out in the room before our 2nd dinner together and Heather caught this beautiful window light- I joined in and we both ended up directing her for about 20 minutes. Love these improptu shoots... enjoy!





  This is my favorite- couldn't decide between the two. Can you?