LANE : Summer Days shoot

So- I hate popularity contests. Hate 'em. But I think we're the best- considering Yelena and I created this entire summer themed shoot for the Australian fashion magazine The LANE in the pouring rain! Props to our model, and my best friend, Aubrey for not only walking around in wet grass but for laying in it... while rain fell into her face, and for looking positively gorgeous while doing it! If you feel like donating 30 seconds to little ol' me ... click on the image below and vote for #3? Pretty please with a cherry on top? More pretty images and some inside info on the headband from this shoot below!

If you like Aubrey's headband, make one! I used an old headband I had lying around, fresh flowers, and a glue gun. It made the most lovely crown- I wish I would have made one for our wedding!

This "crown" fell off of the bottom of a vase Yelena had and, remembering the always amazing Elizabeth Messina's crown portraits, I snagged it and did a quick one of Aubs. I think she looks positively regal. :)