Kelsey and Jason : A Wedding at the Los Altos History Museum

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Wedding photographers don't get weekends and most of the time don't get holiday weekends off so I extended my 4th of July into the 5th and I took a much needed day off yesterday- The busiest part of my travel season is over now though so I feel content knowing I'll be shooting in the general vicinity of my home for the next couple of months. :)

Kelsey and Jason got married early last month at the lovely Los Altos History Museum- Coordinated by Nicole Lisanne, it was a day full of love and laughter and having gone to kindergarten with Kelsey I couldn't have felt more happy to be doing what I do that day. There were a lot of faces there that I recognized, a lot of people who watched me grow up and who grew up with me. Kelsey has a smile that could light up the darkest of nights and as you scroll down I'm pretty sure you'll see where she gets it from.

Here's to many more margie's, Kels. LOVE YOU!

Thanks to Lili Durkin and Orbie Pullen for coming out to assist that day!

Courtney, me, Claire, and Kelsey - so good to see familiar faces!