Jill Cate Design and my love of simplicity.

I am constantly reevaluating myself, my business, my work, my everything which some days feels like a total blessing and others a complete nuisance. I make a decision then change it a minute later, I ask everyone I know for every single piece of advice they can possibly give me, and have a very hard time deciding what to order when eating at a restaurant. (What are you getting??? Hm... maybe I'll get that- if I don't, can I try yours???) However many times I ask for opinions or perspectives a decision comes down to one person- me. In art school my professors continually got on my back about introducing a third color to any design project I was working on. I was famous for my "blue and white" or "green and white" or "<insert color here> and white" motifs- so famous in fact that I often got marked down because I just couldn't bring myself to introduce chaos into my seemingly organized palette. That said, here are my new business cards designed by me (with the help of many.. Ana... Tim...) and printed by the wonderful Jill of Jill Cate Designs. I really wanted an organic, handmade, traditional, no frills feel to my cards and Jill executed that perfectly! There have been some changes to my website recently too and hopefully these both now reflect my aesthetic. Last year I tried to sum up what I wanted my images to reflect in three words and I came up with these: Simple, classy, timeless..... So I hope I hit the nail on the head- or at least came close to it. You like? I was serious when I said no frills....... ;)