Jasmine and Alex : A Wedding : Wayfarers Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes

Oh good god, I am embarrassed by how long ago this wedding took place- forgive me Jasmine and Alex? (I was not kidding when I kept saying I was backlogged- lots of weddings on the way :) ) But I never forgot!!! You guys might remember them from their lovely engagement shoot we did in downtown Los Angeles back in June. These two have the most remarkable spirits and their wedding day reflected that in every way. It was tough to catch a shot of Jasmine NOT busting out in infectious laughter. Their ceremony took place at the lovely Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes on a beautiful fall evening. Because their ceremony was later in the evening my lovely assistant that day, the one and only Heather Kincaid, and I did a lot of work with off camera lighting, mainly the Lowell ID light. Their reception was held in Alex's parents home near the chapel and was such a beautiful, intimate affair- sometimes a pretty backyard is really all you need guys! Anyhow, enough chatter-


ja2.jpg Jasmine and Alex opted for a first look right before the ceremony so we would have enough light for formals. GOOD THINKING ;) ja3.jpg Are you there Ilford 3200? , it's me digital ja4.jpg











Jasmine is also an extremely talented makeup artist, you can check her lovely portfolio out at www.jasminemakeup.com She does wedding makeup too, so get in touch with her about your day!! Who wouldn't want this smiling face to be a part of their wedding? Can't wait 'til I can hire you!! :)

ja17.jpg You guys rock! Margarita's soon for old times sake? :)

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