Jeff and Alex : San Jose Engagement Session

Oh my, what do I even say about these two???? I was in the middle of a whirlwind of craziness when we did their session and it was a much needed breath of sweet fresh air to spend the afternoon being nothing but creative. Jeff and Alex are not just clients, they are near and dear to both Tim and I (Jeff is in our bridal party!) so photographing them to mark their engagement was  no work and all play.

Alex and Jeff both hail from Madison, WI but didn't start dating until they both nestled into the west coast- Jeff in Los Angeles and Alex finishing up medical school in San Francisco. They spent all of their dating years long distance, both wracking up the Southwest frequent flier drink coupons, - Jeff and I once passed each other in the Burbank airport, him coming from and me going to the bay are- and are finally enjoying being in the same city after Alex left the bay area (and me and Tim) behind to join Jeff down in Southern California. I can't wait for their wedding in October (just two weeks before ours!) and to celebrate our marriage with them in November.

A few months ago I was reading some comments people had left on a blog post that featured some of my work and one comment someone made was, "These are nice but shouldn't the subjects be smiling more- they are supposed to be in love!" Of course, criticism effects me so for the next couple of shoots I did everything I could to make my clients extra "smiley" and then it hit me- sometimes that is just not only not the look I want but it's not how my clients respond to me. I tend to be a quiet shooter- I talk to my subjects quietly and prefer to evoke those types of expressions out of them- so to you, critic - not all love is boisterous, laughing, smiley love- sometimes love is intense,  quiet, and emotional ...... I spent a little extra time working on these images and the styling for this shoot so we could achieve a certain vibe... Wish I could say this was all me but Jeff and Alex seriously know how to work the camera- although I am sure Alex would argue otherwise.