Blessin & Min: Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Club Wedding : Nautical Nuptials

Oh wedding season.... You and I love each other in May, start tiring of each other in July, and find each other again in August. I practically fainted when I looked at my calendar and realized that August 1st is this weekend. As in two days away. As in, our wedding is 3 months away. *Panic panic panic!* *excitement excitement excitement!* I am prepping some posts that will hopefully give you guys an insight into what my wedding is shaping up to look like soon- I realize that I have not kept any of you in the planning loop ... probably because we haven't really done much .... well, okay, we have- I've just been too lazy to share.... :) Enough about me (and Tim :)) - Blessin and Min had a lovely June wedding in Southern California full of really beautiful details and lots of laughter. Blessin is one of the sweetest girls around- I believe in one wedding toast she was likened to a disney-princess! Blessin's mom made her elegant dress and I think it set the tone for such a beautiful event full of simple, classic, details. So happy to have been a part of your big day- can't wait to see what the future brings you two!


Never underestimate the benefits of a lovely hotel lobby!

I wanted to photograph her all day.