I love these women!

Last week my dear friend Yelena threw me and baby girl a shower and we grabbed this group shot at the end of the afternoon. Emily took lots of pictures of all of the beautiful details that I can't wait to see but this one just warms my heart and I wanted to share it. The saying, "it takes a village" feels so much more true these days .. its not just about the help and advice I know I'll be leaning on all these women for in the next year but all of the love and support they have given me throughout this whole process has been overwhelming.... I just couldn't have made it without them. I knew that running a business while pregnant would have it's challenges, but having the support and sometimes just a shoulder to complain on or someone to look up to from these women has made all of the difference. The community this industry brings is just amazing and I am so happy to be surrounded by such talented and inspiring women! I hope my little lady will learn from all of them!