36 weeks pregnant : Almost there!

It's getting harder and harder not to liquify the crap out of these photos. ;) I don't even recognize myself these days .... officially on maternity leave and doing my best to get so many things done before our little lady arrives. Being a business owner and trying to take time off is proving to be difficult. I feel both energized and completely exhausted at the same time if that's even possible. Sleep is tough.. doing my best to get enough of it because I know it's going to be something that's even harder to come by soon. Taking long showers and baths and spending time reorganizing the kitchen and reading up on labor and delivery. Also feel like I could eat my entire kitchen at any given moment but I resist and mostly stuff myself with sweet fruit.

It's finally cooling down here which is making life a lot easier to handle.. hoping for a wet winter so me and baby girl can hibernate in cozy quarters together.

Here we are in all our glory! Almost there! Can't wait to hold her little body in my arms and kiss her little cheeks nonstop.