Craigslist AD is a SCAM, please do not fall for this!

I have been trying to avoid making this post because of it's sheer ludicrousness but I have gotten so many e-mails and now a handful of phone calls about this so I feel like I need to address it briefly! Someone is posing as me on Craigslist- (flattered? NO) They've placed ads for an assistant in a few local listings in Florida and I need to make sure that I address this somewhere so that hopefully people will see it and figure this out before they get their social security number or something else stolen! I can't quite tell what the basis of the scam is but you need to know that IT IS NOT ME.

The ad's ID email address is :

Follow-up emails are coming from this gmail address (seriously, I'm not kidding around here)

They are signing the e-mails Meg Perotti with a link to my website and also are claiming they have been in business for over 30 years (I'm not even 30 yet!) and offering $500/wk for various tasks (some involving a laminate machine ?!??! again, not kidding around here) I've reported it to gmail and to craigslist but haven't heard anything back - wonderful!

So anyways, sorry for this dumb post- trust me, I'm finding just as annoying as it sounds!