Bridal Shower : Out of the office from Nov 1- Nov 17th

I started writing my vows last night and I could barely stop myself from crying. This could be bad!

I feel like I am in the eye of the storm right now. Most all decisions have been made, almost everything is purchased, we packed up and labeled all of the decor items. I have Yelena to keep me sane and my best friends are kidnapping me this afternoon for one last night of debauchery (ha!) ... I look at Tim from over my computer screen and its like the world around us is spinning so fast but we're solid- feet on the ground and steady. I started writing my vows last night after working for about 14 hours straight on album designs (holiday ordering deadline happens to fall during our honeymoon ... peachy!) and suddenly it hit me- if everything goes crazy, if timelines get thrown out, if shuttles don't arrive, if it rains, if, if, if..... I will still be marrying my best friend.

So clients, past, present, and future- please forgive me if e-mail is a little slower than usual or turn around times take a little longer than previously expected. I am working at my very fastest pace to get as much as I can get done before I am officially off the radar.

Come Monday- November 1st I am officially on vacation until November 17th.

It's alllll happening!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics that Heather took at my bridal shower- such a fun day!