I will probably get about 20 e-mails after posting this blog from friends and family yelling at me to stop working and go get tan but I can’t help it. It’s time to reflect. Timmy is sitting next to me on this big bed in our hotel room in Hawaii reading Steve Martins biography and eating fishy crackers out of the bag. I just showered the sand off my body and am sitting here typing away in my Fairmont Hotel bathrobe. I am plenty relaxed and totally stress free so I promise, a wonderful dinner with my husband is to be had in an hour or so but for now- let me and my laptop be! Last Saturday was, hands down, the absolute best day of my life. Every single bit of it (even when I freaked out right before walking down the aisle) was perfect. The day was exactly as I had imagined it both aesthetically and emotionally and I am still exploding from the excitement and happiness of it all.

I was a little afraid that once the wedding was over I would plummet into depression. How will I spend my time? I want to do it all over again? What if I don’t feel the same way about my work after I’ve been there done that? I am so thankful to see that while I had the time of my freaking life, I am so happy to be Mrs. Timothy Resudek and so thankful to not be talking about table linens anymore! And actually, my understanding and appreciation for all my clients go through has only gotten stronger and I feel as though I will be able to do my job from a wonderful new perspective.

I noticed early on in the wedding planning process that I really found a lot of it exhausting. I find it hard to make decisions in regular every day life and the amount of choices I had to make and answers I had to come up with during the past 9 or so months was constantly overwhelming. I thought I’d blog about every little choice- this shoe or this shoe? Blush or lavender? Vintage bridesmaids or Vera bridesmaids? But seriously, a lot of the time I agonized so long over things that by the time I finally decided on them I was way over sharing my craziness with the world wide web.

I had the most amazing team of ladies to help me through it all and the day was better than I could have ever imagined- and you know, all of those pain-staking decisions actually paid off. The whole freaking thing looked exactly as I had imagined it.

I want to share (and rave) about my vendor choices, tell you all about how different being a bride versus a photographer is, and talk more about all of the decisions we made and why we made them- and I promise I will- but I’m going to head back into honeymoon mode! For now, check out J*’s blog edits here and a HUGE shout out to Yelena Johnson of The Stylish Soiree for totally and completely taking my vision and making it look like magic.

One of my favorites :)