Bay Area Portrait Photographer : The lovely Allison Miller

I think if any one shoot could describe my style, this one might be it. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for romance and beauty. My mom told me once that when I was a baby and I wouldn't stop crying she'd put on the local "smooth hits" radio channel and dance around with me to ballad after ballad. I like a song with a story, a song that tells of love and loss, triumph and failure- so what if they all follow the same chord progression? My favorite photographs are like this too- pretty, feminine, romantic, lovely, expected, comfortable. I've learned that in this industry people expect you to experiment, to use new techniques and products, have the latest gadgets, keep up with the Jones's if you will.  It's easy to get lost in all that and forget yourself. Forget what you want your work to be about, how you want it to feel, or more importantly, how you want it to make people feel. I want people to feel the way they feel when watching a candle flicker, or when the wind blows, or raindrops fall, or the waves crash against the sand. Nostalgia, memory, thought. These goals might be grandiose as, really, I am competing with God there. But if my photographs can cause one person to smile, to breathe in a little deeper, to be reminiscent, or inspired then I know I am on the right track. Obviously, we all take pictures to not only fulfill our creative bones but to also pay the bills- so not all shoots can have this effect. But, I encourage you to take the time to shoot for yourself- to remember, deep down, what you're really creating.

I have been wanting to photograph Allison for awhile now but between her filming schedules and my non-existent free time we haven't been able to arrange anything until now. Not only is she a super talented actress but she's also a writer and a fabulous baker/cook specializing in vegan recipes. We decided to use these talents and bring them into the portraits- a la Meg style, in the woods. ;) Thanks, Allison for being such a joy to photograph and for bringing me back to my basics.

Those who are local, you can find her muffins at Stories LA on Sunset Blvd.

















Thanks to Morgan, too, for assisting me that day!

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