Bay Area Engagement Photographer : Burrell Winery : Megan and Kevin

Picture this... you're driving on HWY 17, singing along to the soundtrack for Spring Awakening, clean air's blowing in your window, through your hair, you've got your camera by your side and two amazing clients waiting for you to shoot their engagement images and then: ...ding ding ding, your gas tank suddenly drops to ZERO! You know that sound in movies when something stops the party and the DJs record scratches? Add that sound in here. Imagine an audible gasp, immediate sweaty palms, and disbelief. How could you let this happen? You are a professional! This is a JOB, these clients are counting on you... where the HECK are you going to pull over if you run out of gas???!?!? The liiiight, you're going to lose the light!!! Panic.

Then acceptance. Okay, so you're going to run out of gas. Not much you can do. I hope they understand that you are not a complete eff-up and that you would never ever let this happen on a wedding day.

Then relief.. you make it to the driveway of the location, call the clients, and all they say is, "Oh my gosh! We'll just drive you down to the gas station when we're done, DO NOT WORRY!" :) WHEW!

Megan and Kevin, you guys are seriously the best! I absolutely cannot wait to shoot your wedding this summer- thank you for bringing such smiles, love, and creativity to your shoot. Xoxoxoxo

Check out Burrell Winery if you are local- seriously such an adorable tasting room!