A New York Engagement Shoot : Bay Area Wedding Photographer : Jessica and Brett

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I knew it'd be cold, I anticipated wearing a hat, scarf, coat, gloves.... I had been checking the weather for the better part of two weeks hoping the bulk of the storms would be over by the time I arrived to shoot Jessica and Brett's Manhattan engagement shoot. But nope, the snow was relentless and so were we. We embraced the weather like it was a blessing and enjoyed frolicking around in the, for me, never before experienced photographic atmosphere and as Tim Gunn would so eloquently say, we made it work!

With Jessica's teeth chattering and Brett's head freezing we kept moving to stay warm and I think the final product is better than I could have ever imagined. It was so refreshing to have the chance to shoot in a new environment as lately, I've been craving a change of pace. (I can hear all you east coasters groaning... what you wouldn't do for a little California sun flare huh?) I have to thank Jessica and Brett for trusting me and embracing the weather so fully and to Heather for coming out with a 2nd set of professional eyes!

Can't wait for Jessica and Brett's October wedding in Southern California... something tells me the images will look very different ..... ;)

We started at this lovely little place called Cafe Gitane at The Jane Hotel in the west village...we asked permission to shoot a few shots ... but I think when we started moving chairs they got nervous and we were kicked out into the streets. Renegades!

So I don't necessarily think this next shot is a winner .. I just wanted to show you guys just how much snow was falling!

Brett brought along a camera that belonged to his grandpa- made for a fun little prop!

Thanks to Heather for this last one of me working ....whew! I'm cold just thinking about it :)

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