Anytime Love : Malini and Greg : Olema, CA

Hi guys!

I had a weekend off and I feel like a new woman. Tim and I spent it working on the house (what else is new?) but it was so nice to just enjoy each other and our friends and family without the crazy pressure I put on myself when I have a wedding :) One time I was getting ready for a wedding and Tim was on the way out the door and said, "Is there anything you need at Target?" and I snapped... I CANT THINK ABOUT A TARGET LIST! I HAVE A WEDDING TODAY! Thank God Tim knows sane Meg too because I wouldn't have blamed him if he had fled for the rest of the weekend. Seriously.. wedding weekends are so much more stress than just the actual shooting part. I know you wedding photographers can relate :) So! Needless to say, it was nice to just take a couple days to regroup!

Malini and Greg are not shy to my camera- they have been in front of it before. Malini emailed me a few months ago and told me that her and Greg were going to be spending much of this year living miles and miles apart from each other due to work and really wanted to document their love during a getaway trip to the Bay Area so they could remember the moment during the tough times ahead. I was so excited to meet up with them again and had so much fun running around the grounds at their Olema bed and breakfast.

Let's get to the images, shall we? :)