Winter thoughts and Jackie and David's Cerritos wedding!

Wait- seriously! It's the week of Thanksgiving already????? How did this happen? The darkness has been slowly creeping into our long summer evenings, the slight crack in the window is enough to need an additional quilt on the bed, and the tea kettle's whistle has been blowing a lot more often these days. This is my favorite time of year. I love to cuddle up on the couch, under blankets, with a cup of tea and a good book- I love cool winter light and the way my cheeks flush after a run from the bite in the air. I also love how even though my calendar has not cleared itself something in my mind has. I am ready for a break, ready to clear my mind of I do's, and meetings, and clients, and shoots, and card loading, and editing, and album designing, and print order fulfilling so that I am refreshed and totally ready to take on my growing 2010 client roster. What we do is creative- it needs inspiration to not fall flat. So, it's important in our industry to really take some time to breathe every once and awhile- you get going on this momentum of nonstop work... shoot a wedding, edit a wedding, shoot a wedding, edit a wedding all spring and summer long. We don't have vacation days, we don't put in requests for time off- I answer client emails at 2AM if I am awake .. (perhaps I should rethink that? ;) )That said, despite a few engagement sessions and two end of season weddings I am not taking on anymore shoots for 2009. December is officially mine to play catch up both in the business sense and the personal sense.

I'll still see you on the blog, of course, but my professional camera will be hanging out in it's suitcase for a bit- if you are thinking of scheduling a shoot let me know and we can get you on the books for January!


Jackie and David tied the knot in a lovely church ceremony in Cerritos - it was a absolutely gorgeous day! They had a morning ceremony and an evening dinner so Heather, who came out to assist me with her awesome-ness, and I were able to grab Alcove salads and watch some bad/good TV in between work. That was cool! I think Jackie had the brightest color palette I saw all year... we did their portraits at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden ..check it out!









Shot of David on the left taken by the best, Heather Kincaid!