Welcome to this world Ivy Cat!

Kate and Jason are no strangers to this blog- their engagement images are here, I unfortunately had to skip their wedding, but followed up with Kate's pregnancy photos here. And it is with pleasure that I now introduce you all to their newest addition- Ivy Cat! After a long unpredicatble labor Ivy Catherine Schatz Pontius entered this world on July 1, 2009! We are all so happy to meet her and are prepared to shower her with absolutely nothing but love for the rest of her life. I've never shot a newborn before- I consider myself a pretty well rounded photographer but have really been focused on primarily weddings for the past two years so this was an experience! She was definitely easier to handle once she entered into a food induced swaddled coma. She better get used to having her photo taken because lord knows I can't wait to document her life! Congrats Kate and Jason- all my love.







Thanks for trusting me, Kate. Worth it!