Los Angeles Wedding Photographer : Jessica & Brett : UC IRVINE

Oh my ... In case you've been wondering- I've seriously fell of the face of the earth for two weeks. I was in Las Vegas for WPPI and then flew to LA for an engagement party and some baby-time with my dear friend Kristen's little Nico... and then promptly got smacked in the face with the flu and was stuck to our couch for a WEEK. Being your own boss makes getting sick very difficult to deal with. The first three days I was too sick to even care but by day four all I could think about was the massive amount of e-mail and work piling up on my desk. Meetings had to be rescheduled, lunches canceled, I was supposed to move into my new office and had a bunch of trips to Home Goods that I needed to make. The list just kept getting longer and longer and my body didn't seem to be cooperating.

BUT the body is a miraculous thing and has almost healed itself completely with just two days before I hop on another plane and head to Hawaii for a wedding in Kona with Heather.

Can't wait to share some of the projects Tim and I have been working on to "Meg-ify" the new office in downtown Campbell. It's so shabby-chic I might die!

Here's a wedding to remind you all that I do, in fact, shoot weddings. ;) Jessica and Brett tied the knot way way way back in October of 2010 at UC Irvine and things got a little crazy and I never got around to sharing some of my favorite images.