The Maxwells : Photographers photographing photographers!

I will be honest- moving back to the bay area has not been as easy as Tim and I have anticipated. While we were fully aware of it's value, we took for granted our close group of friends that took years to make, our walking neighborhood of Los Feliz, and a coffee-shop where everybody knew our names and our drink. I've had a very busy year of work and travel so it hasn't made it easy for us to adjust. (We never even had ONE Top Chef dinner this season......) The house has been a mess for what seems like months because of wedding planning. (No one tells you that all that beautiful decor that people have has to be stored somewhere- and that somewhere is our front room!) That said, we do love our house and we have lots of family near-by which definitely helps to offset our "friend-less" situation ... but you guys, it's no joke- I actually googled, "How to make friends as an adult." You know what came up? "HAVE KIDS." Scary! When I heard that a new bridal accessories store, Betroth, had opened in my 'hood I thought, "Who owns this place? I KNOW I could be friends with them." I'm pretty outgoing and learned very early on that you have to work and pursue friendships so I stopped in to check things out.... about 10 times. NOT just because I was smitten with the owners but they seriously have some GORGEOUS stuff for brides to pick up for their wedding day and I had seen some of Ashley's work and just had to have some for our wedding. When Ashley told me they were considering restructuring their business and making it less retail I was not shy in begging, "Make it a meeting space! PLEASE!" I am desperate for somewhere to meet with my clients and talk about packages and albums that doesn't smell of coffee grinds and couldn't imagine a better situation!

It's located in the Garden Theater building on Lincoln Ave. Ashley sent me this pic this morning of the space- it'll be changing up a little now that it's just a meeting space but isn't it adorable? If you are a wedding vendor of any kind, get in touch with her- acceptance to the Bridal Lounge is on a case by case basis but they are committed to making a super creative spot for the best wedding vendors to come together and help each other flourish!

So there you have it, not only did I make friends but I found a lovely spot to meet with my clients, which can only lead to more friends! How to make friends as an adult? Try! In getting to know Ashley over bridal accessories and cupcakes I also got to meet her ridiculously good-looking children and when Ashley mentioned they hadn't had family photos done- ever - we quickly arranged a shoot.... enough chatter!