The Hunger Games : My casting

First, a very happy birthday to my love, Tim :) He shares my ambivalence towards birthdays so we're having carrot cake and a quiet dinner at home- our favorite kind of night :) I was taught very early on how to loose myself in literature....I am the kind of reader who gets so absorbed in books and characters that I weep for them days after the final page of the book has been turned. I have the ability to turn off every sound around me and completely loose myself in stories... if I'm reading a particularly good page-turner I'll stay up until the wee hours finishing it- or sometimes wake in the middle of the night just to read one..moooooree...chapter.... The Hunger Games was on my list for months and with a 5 hour drive to LA and another 5 hour drive home in my future I finally decided just to purchase the audiobook for part 1 and give it a go. INSTANTLY HOOKED. Just finished book two and am already dying inside knowing there is only one more book to go .... Was doing a little internet scouring about the characters and came across some articles on the casting of the upcoming film. Not sure how I feel about the choices they've made so far- hopefully the screen play will do the storyline justice (UGH for Twilight and The Time Travelers Wife).... I've been pretty "business" around here lately and felt compelled to think about how I would cast the movie if I could.....

So here is how I imagine the cast looking....


Lucy Hale (This girl used to go to my pilates class occasionally in Los Angeles- shes cute as button.) The Katniss in my head is so tiny... with big brown eyes... hair that falls over her face perfectly when braided back with dark and deep but also soft and feminine features. She has an unassuming beauty....perhaps a younger Amber Tamblyn type too.

or if they were casting younger ...

Kay Panabaker


Alex Pettyfer : This is almost exactly how I've pictured Peeta from the beginning (a bit younger though) ... although I will admit, my Peeta has Tim's piercing blue eyes. Man oh man what a girl wouldn't give to have someone as handsome as this looking out for her in the arena!


I mostly have been picturing someone like the guy from Smallville ..

Although... occasionally he turns into a Tim Riggens of sorts..because what girl doesn't love Tim Riggins?

or if they were going younger ... Carter Jenkins


I might be way off on this one but this guy is exactly how I picture Haymitch... I used to watch him on the show The Nine ..

Now that I've spilled my complete nerdiness to you all I must get back to actual working....If you are a Hunger Games fan- who are your casting choices?