The Great Dress Debacle of 2010

Okay, I am ready to talk about it. Why don't we start with the single most important thing about a wedding (??) the dress. :) Now, this is somewhat of a drama queen-Meg here. This story is something that I am both proud of and ashamed of. About two months before our wedding I went in for my first fitting of my dream dress : Claire Pettibones Kristene gown. It looked and felt like something Jane Austen's women would have worn and had so many gorgeous little lace details.

When I tried it on at the salon it, of course, was the sample dress and was way too big. When it was clamped at my waist the layers hit my hips at just the right spot but now, after the tailoring, it felt as though it was hugging me in all the wrong places.... Everyone kept assuring me it looked great but all I could think was, "Sh*t- I can't eat and I have to go to the gym every single day until the wedding." The seamstress said she'd be able to let it out in the right places and fix a few other concerns and that it would be perfect. What followed in the next two-three weeks was an inner dialogue that sounded something like this:

It's a beautiful dress. But, Meg, is it a beautiful dress on YOU? No, Meg, it's YOUR dress. You bought it, you loved it at one time you still love it. It will be perfect! Okay, I'll go to the gym ... but I don't have timmmmme for the gym. But, Meg, your hips are going to look huge. Okay... I think.... no no don't do it. This is your dress! You cannot be a bridezilla this dress cost you money! But... I don't love this dress. I don't. I do. I don't. Yes, I think... I need ...a new dress! MOM I NEED A NEW DRESS!!!!!!

I called my mom and in a very small voice said, "Mom......I know it's a month from the wedding but I'm not feeling good about my dress. I think I might need to go look for a new one." Did she roll her eyes? Did she sigh? Did she reprimand me for being a 'zilla? Nope- she simply said, "Thought so! We'll go this week. Do some research."Bless Tim's heart, he didn't say a word. ;)

Early on in my dress hunting we had gone to Glamour Closet on La Brea in Los Angeles and tried on some sample gowns. I didn't find any that day but I remembered there was an SF location and I knew that when you bought dresses there you could walk out with them immediately. None of that "9 month ordering process" deal. So off we went on a Tuesday morning 3.5 weeks before the wedding to hopefully find a new dress. I was bracing myself for the worst but was definitely going in with an open mind. At first I really liked this Vera Wang- I had come to the conclusion that what I really wanted to feel like was a cloud. I wanted to float down the aisle and I could definitely see myself floating in this... but it just wasn't really what I wanted- I felt like a cupcake!

(iphone photos)

and then..... hellloooooo CAROLINA HERRERA ....

I didn't want to take it off. The sash even matched the bridesmaids dresses! I felt like a cloud, I felt comfortable, I felt pretty, I didn't feel like I had to go to the gym- I seriously believe this was my dress soul-mate. I still felt like I was out of Pride and Prejudice but I could breathe! So here's where I wrap it all up. I am slightly embarrassed that I was such a baby- that I bought a dress on a whim and that it truly wasn't the dress for me. I'm embarrassed that it took me until a month before the wedding to admit to myself that I wasn't happy with it. All that said, I am proud of myself for not settling for something less than perfect and for being open-hearted enough to find the dress of my dreams.

2011 brides.. my advice to you, don't buy a dress too soon.. there are so many to choose from and especially if you are going to be engaged through new seasons take your time! And if for some reason you are like me and find yourself trying to convince yourself that you love your gown - give a place like Glamour Closet a shot, you never know! You might find your Carolina :)

and then of course- a girls gotta have a good dancing frock! Picked this lovely number up at Gabrielle's in Campbell - it's by Watters .. I think I am going to dye it, it's too great to not wear again!