Shared meeting space in Campbell?

Calling all photographers, planners, calligraphers, designers... anyone creative who would need a space to meet their clients in! I recently signed a lease on an adorable little office space in downtown Campbell ... I prefer working from home in my pajamas so I don't plan to use it as an actual office but just a place to meet clients, showcase work, etc and would love to find some people to share it with. It was obviously decorated to my taste so it won't be right for everyone but I know it will appeal to some of you ;) Depending on the amount of interest the rates may vary from the below #'s and if you don't anticipate needing the space 4 or more times a month or don't want to store things in the space then we can definitely talk about a discounted rate. PHOTOGRAPHERS - 3 monthly rate spots available at $100/month

There is only storage space for two other photographers (you can have up to 6 prints/canvas's 16x20 and under) at the monthly rate but we've toyed with the idea of charging a day rate in the future so get in touch if you are interested and I'll send you some rate info! Lots of space to store albums/prints/promo material etc.

OTHER VENDORS - 3 monthly rate spots available at $100/month

This would really be a perfect space for a calligrapher or a wedding planner who does not work from an official office but like me, hates meeting people and having to shout over coffee grinders. We've got plenty of space to store portfolio binders or display invites and other types of samples to share with potential clients.

Here are some pics of the transformation ...

Tim covered up the door to nowhere with a chalkboard wall.

My mom and Uncle Sean painting the walls blue.

Found four of these chairs for a total of $50 and refinished them.

The cabinet that led to what I can only guess was Hades was fixed to a proper print nook by Timmy.

Cover the corner units in pretty paper from Paper Source.

And here it is all finished up and looking pretty!

Shoot me an email at if you are interested!