San Francisco Engagement Shoot at Crissy Feild : Jillian and Dennis

Oh my, if we want to move we have to SELL THIS PLACE. Crazy .... crazy, crazy! While I was busy shooting two beautiful weddings this past weekend Tim and a handful of *kind* friends and family helped us move into our new home. We're in a shambles but blissful- can't believe we managed to pull this off but are so thankful and excited for all the fun, stressful, expensive, daunting, back-breaking- yet fulfilling tasks ahead of us!

There she is! The yard has a ways to go before it looks like THAT again- but we're working on it!

Less talk- more work is my motto these days! Onward to images.... shall we?

Jillian and Dennis tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii earlier this year but wanted some fun engagement photos before they headed off to get hitched. I met up with them at Crissy Field and spent a lovely San Francisco afternoon documenting their love.  Enjoy! :)