Revisiting Guatemala..

The end of last year was insane- like almost not manageable it was so insane- one thing I am so glad I didn't rush through and saved was finally editing my photos from Guatemala. I traveled there in August with one of my best friends, Mikey- we went to visit our great great friend and crazy adventurist Mason who has been stationed there in the Peace Corps for almost two years. You can read more and see my first batch of edits: here. Onward! We spent one of our days there visiting Lake Atitlan. In order to get there we had to seriously risk our lives riding in what I thought was going to be the last van ride of my life- but we made it to Panajachel, where we took a very small, unsafe (pattern?), boat across the lake to San Pedro. At one point on the ride to Pana, our driver pulled over and stopped at a view point area and Mikey and I's jaws just hit the ground. Guatemala is gorgeous... seriously breathtaking.














 We stumbled into a "museum" and walked into a teacher giving her class a lesson. Within seconds the children saw my camera and started asking me for, "una photo senorita? una photo?" ...The volume in the room was insane when they realized they could see the photos on the back of my camera. This one is from Mikey's camera- the look on my face cracks me up every time I see it. "Say whiskey!!!!"











We also spent one day on another crazy bus ride to hike a volcano- this was a crazy experience because ya know how in most places people are concerned with safety? Yeah, not here. There was actually live hot lava. If you were dumb you literally could stick your hand out and catch yourself on fire- or say, cook yourself an omelet? But again- just a foreign landscape that took my breath away with it's beauty.






Mason smoking a cig at a volcano and my self portrait.


I am so lucky to have friends like this in my life. Love!

Guatemala, 2008.