Pillows and light and white sheet memories..

The light coming through our bedroom windows took my breath away this morning. I stood by the door and let my eyes graze over every bit of our sheets and comforter and took mental notes of how the bedding was strewn from Tim's side (early morning riser) and my side (late morning riser). I ran for my camera- hoping that when I returned everything would be as it was at that moment. With my camera in my hands, looking through the lens the scene took on a deeper feeling. Someday we will leave this room, we will expand our reach and explore other rooms in another city, another neighborhood. I started taking photos of everything in this apartment- I, suddenly, intensely needed to document every inch. The very reason why I am a photographer seemed to come pouring out of me. Someday we will leave this place, this home, for new adventures. Even if that day is a happy one- it must be!- a part of me will always breathe here. The part of me that figured out who I was and what I am here to do grew and flourished within these walls. The time will come to leave this white sheet memory behind, but I'll always have these photographic images. That, my friends, is why I do what I do- that is why I am what I am. It only took light coming through our bedroom window, spilling onto our white pillowcases to remind me of it. What does it take to remind you of who you are?