Pershing Square- downtown LA- Ice Skating!

Just a little me post-....Those who have known me in the past year know how insanely busy I have been. I haven't exactly had much time for relaxed fun with friends- but January brought me into the full time self-employment world and while I am obviously always going to be a work-a-holic (good thing Timmy is too!) I have already seen a change in my general happiness levels which I'm pretty sure is a direct result in a change in my free time levels. I am enjoying life so much more and making time for friends and family and Timmy and all is good! Couple weeks ago a bunch of us headed downtown for some ice skating time- I have to say though the rink is way too small! I'm looking forward to checking out an indoor rink soon so I can actually pick up some speed on my skates.

I don't entirely know WHAT Kristen blogs about but... she has a blog...


Rosemary and Chris :)


Tim pretending he's falling ;)