Off to Kauai!

Well, the day has arrived, okay not yet, I still have to make it through the night... and while the weight loss goal was never attained- I am going to be wearing a swimsuit whether I like it or not- because I am off to Kauai for a week of snorkeling, eating, laying, swimming, hiking, resting, laughing.... the list of positives just goes on and on. (Besides, I bought two killer one pieces at Anthro that will do just fine. :) ) I will be periodically checking my email and MAYBE fitting in a blog or two, but... I doubt it. I'm going to do my best to avoid anything "digital" while I am there- even, gasp, twittering! (P.S. Follow me?) (P.P.S. Since it's really easy to twitter from my phone I can't guarantee I will be totally avoiding that form of "digital" and of course I will be using my trusty Canon digital gear.)

I am leaving you with a few photos I took last time we were there! The first set is from a series I am working on about my sister, Emma, called, "She once was little and now she is big." These were on done on 120mm film in a Holga. Nothing digital done to these except scanning- I miss film sometimes. Okay a lot of the time.