Off to Antigua, Guatemala

So, honestly, I don't know how we got to this day so quickly. After a few trip planning hurdles and some unfortunate events, one of my best friends Mikey and I are leaving to visit another one of our best friends, Mason in Guatemala! (sans Marie... :( Who will be missed more than I think she even knows.) Around the time he left to do his Peace Corps duty there about two years ago we all commented how we should take a trip to visit him. Knowing us, and how we find it hard to even plan a trip home to San Jose at the same time, I can't believe we managed to pull this together.

So readers, friends, family, clients- I'll be out of country in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala until Sunday. I stole this off of someones flickr gallery.  Sue me! You had awesome quality photos and I promise, you can steal mine when I get back.