My new literary love and other updates.

I've been MIA all week- but ya know, I'm enjoying life not just blogging about it. :) Truth is, starting this weekend I am on a July wedding extravaganza until I leave for Hawaii so I'm just trying to relax and enjoy the calm before the storm, all the while secretly obsessing with goals I am attempting to accomplish by the new year. Two wedding at Wayfarers this Saturday though- should be fun! A few things.... if you are a reader, a novel lover, one who has a new literary love monthly you must pick up Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Don't judge a book by it's cover- or section at the book store, rather (the cover is quite nice). Although located in the "Teen Lit" aisle, it's impressive. I have been vocal about this, but I'll say it again- I've been in a bit of a book slump lately- starting and not finishing many a novel (much to Timmy's chagrin- our bedside table looks like a library cart full of books waiting to be refiled) but my dear friend Ashley turned me onto this beautiful love story. I won't give anything away because part of my fascination with the book began with not knowing anything about it - but be prepared to fall in love with a vampire. It's got Lestat written all over it. Oh Edward Cullen and that crooked smile of yours, be mine forever? (Don't worry, Timmy, I won't leave for a fictional character... I don't think....)

On that note- who has my copy of The Time Travelers Wife? I am aching to revist my last literary love, Henry DeTamble. Come back to me!

Also, last Friday while vegging out on the couch I decided to go ahead and rent a horrible move from OnDemand (my new favorite movie renting source). Scrolling... scrolling... ah yes, 27 Dresses will do. Okay, so it wasn't that horrible, but I have a point here. I came across the work of a lovely lovely song man named Ray LaMontagne. Download "Be Here Now" and see the future. Well, maybe not, but close your eyes and enjoy!

I can't leave you photo-less, here are some vintage images of my nearest and dearest friend Gabe! Vintage as in, senior year of college... spiced up with a little Totally Rad Actions: The Revenge. If I recall, Gabe was a real trooper- broke out in ragweed induced hives as soon as the shoot was over.











Have a wonderful weekend, we will most likely meet again Sunday Morning... rain is falling... steal some color share some... oh okay, fine, I'm done... ciao!