Maternity Leave | Starting September 24th to March-ish

Hi friends!

As most people who read this blog know, I am currently 8 months pregnant and gearing up to head out on maternity leave next Monday! This whole thing has been such a blessing ... I've been healthy and had virtually no discomfort apart from the occasional back ache and bad nights sleep! Carrying this extra weight is definitely getting a little harder on me but feeling her little feet through my skin make it much easier to handle. I have one more beautiful wedding to shoot this Saturday that I have been looking forward to all year and then am excited to finish up working from home and then let this nesting instinct that is currently taking over every fiber of my being finally win the battle I've been having with productivity! I posted this post back in June to give everyone fair warning on my upcoming schedule and availability changes but I want to review what the next few months will look like and update current clients on album deadlines and other turn arounds!

I will be officially on soft maternity leave starting September 24th- I’ll be spending the last five weeks (if baby girl gives us that long) with limited office hours - finishing up editing Septembers weddings, delivering products, and will still be available on e-mail. Once she arrives, I’ll be on hard maternity leave until the end of March. After that, I’ll be available on email but not shooting until May (aside from a few off-season weddings!).

August was the deadline to get your album submissions in to me to guarantee delivery by Christmas and next Monday is the deadline for me to place album orders. So, for those of you slacking on getting me revisions or final approval, please respond to my e-mails? <3 After that, I will do my best to get things finished before the baby comes for those who had wedding after the deadlines or didn't get items in to me on time, but there are no guarantees.

FOR 2013 BRIDES! I am almost at capacity for my 2013 season so if you would like to schedule an in person meeting in the next few weeks to discuss your wedding photography options please contact me right away!

A lot of the journey of my first baby has been documented on my instagram- so if you want to follow along my username there is MegPerotti. Thanks for listening ... now back to our regularly scheduled programming! :)