Mario and Nikki : Majestic Oaks, Waterford California : A Wedding

A couple weeks ago I had the utmost pleasure to not only be a guest at my cousin Mario's wedding but also do some shooting for them as well! Tim and I flew up to San Jose and then drove into Waterford for a fun weekend of family time! Mario and Nikki planned their wedding all by themselves and did an awesome job! The location provided amazing scenery and light and they were a blast to work with! Not to mention it was just great to finally be a guest at a wedding and get my groove on. Welcome to the family Nikki! This post will be a bit more personal since these are relatives of mine... sorry folks :) You guys did an awesome job on the comment situation last post- so let's do it again! Anyone who was a guest at Mario and Nikki's event, is a relative of mine viewing this post, or is just a photographer stopping by- take a second and leave me a quick shout out in the comment field below! Love to get connected with people and knowing people read this thing makes me feel like less of an idiot writing it. ;)

Also, guests can go ahead and visit and sign the guestbook. As soon as Mario and Nikki release their gallery you'll be able to view all the pictures from the wedding!

Note: ***My schedule has been absolutely insane lately- those of you who know me probably know this already because I can't seem to shut up about it- but all of my posts are going to be on about a two week delay. Don't want to rush through things so please be patient if you are waiting to see some pictures of yourself!!!

Nikki had these stars everywhere from the veil, to her necklace, to the flower girls headbands, to the cupcakes!mar012.jpg


I hope Mario can admit this by now, but he was a little bit of groomzilla ;) In the most loving of ways, of course.


My cousin David's son Colin (2nd cousin? is that how that works?)- too cute. I asked him if he felt handsome in his suit and he said, "Hm... not really."


Father and Son aka Mario and Uncle Paul

mar05.jpg mar06.jpg








My little sis, Emma- not so little these days!


So i'm not sure what the manatee significance is... but it's cute nonetheless! Red velvet..mmm


The Perotti's and The Casey's


Colin, Uncle Charles, Me (oh god- at least I look skinny), and Em getting down..


Me and Jackson- Colin's little bro (can I borrow him sometime Lisa and then when he starts to cry or needs a new diaper give him back?), Aunt Lucy, Lisa, and Colin, and I'm ashamed to say it but I only know Laura in that third one! Who's the mystery relative? :)


Mario and Nikki hope you guys are enjoying ISLAND TIME !!!!!!