Malini & Greg : Anytime Session and location ramblings

Malini found my blog by way of and when her and her husband Greg found themselves scheduling a trip to the bay area she sent me an e-mail to set up a time to do a session- just for fun! It's so fun to have friends all around the country :) I've been spending a lot of time recently e-mailing clients about engagement session locations... like... a LOT of time. Don't get me wrong, it's important to find a location that will help set the tone for your photos and I love planning the look of shoots and hearing all about what my clients define their love by- however, it's also really important to remember that the images are about you and your love. The focus of my camera is not the bridge behind you, it's your eye, your laughter, your embrace. With Malini and Greg's session- since they weren't from the area I asked her to simply tell me what feeling she was going for.

I really love your nature pictures. It would really be nice to have a lot of green and fields and/or water close by.

With those two sentences I knew the look she was referring to and with her trust-  I just google street viewed a few streets around where they were staying and sent them the address of an antique store and the time of day when the light would be just right. We started off in the little down town area of Moss Landing and then found ourselves frolicking among strawberry fields....a simple location - a street no more than 500 yards long and a short drive into the Elkhorn Slough stopping wherever I thought looked best -  it was a pretty amazing day. All I'm saying is don't stress or over complicate things - within reason, finding and creating beauty in everything is - whether you knew it or not- part of why you chose me to photograph you!

Thanks for trusting me and for being so lovely! Can't wait to catch you in Chicago someday :)